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Listen to your favourite moments from your favourite station, weekdays between 00:00 - 05:00. Essential 947 is a compilation of the biggest moments from the 947 Breakfast Club, Andy Maqondwana, Ayanda MVP, Fresh On 947, Nights with Zweli and the 947 Top 40 with Zweli.




947 Crew Driven by Suzuki

Sibo, Noni, Melody and Austin, the peeps from the 947 Crew Driven by Suzuki are all about hitting the streets of Joburg.

They know the hottest Joburg Gems and the coolest new hangouts – and they’re not afraid to share! The 947 Crew Driven by Suzuki is here to connect you to the best of the city.

Visit the 947 Crew page for all things Joburg and never miss a beat!

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Random Acts of Kindness with the Dis-Chem Foundation

Some things are hard to do by yourself. We want to know about the organisations that do charity work that you are involved in, because we’d like to help you, help them. Nominate them below and tell us their story.

Random Act of Kindness with 947 and the Dis-Chem Foundation: LifeLine Pretoria

This Woman’s Month, Dis-Chem Foundation and 947 are out to make a difference by helping charities that help women. We asked you to go on and nominate a gender-based violence initiative that you’d like us to donate to.

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Heroes of the month

Lead SA Heroes are individuals who have been nominated by YOU for us to recognise them because you believe they’ve made a difference to another or to others in their community.

[WATCH] Hero supports children at Lambano sanctuary

Lerato Höffele and her husband mentor the children in various aspects of their lives.

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