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In the wake of the death of iconic South African leader and former President Nelson Mandela {listen to his

Ross from band Prime Circle pays tribute to Nelson Mandela, and the light hearted moments they shared. "I was driving back when I heard the news," he said. "The thing I remember the most about him was his humour, when we met him the first time he said he wanted to drum for the band. We always wanted him to join the band. That would have been awesome."

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And as one of the few privileged to have spent time with him over the years, he describes those moments saying, "He shattered any preconceived idea you might have had of him, it was like meeting one's grandfather. He was also very charming to the ladies, any lady that was around him was putty in his hands!"

The Olympic swimming star Ryk Neethling says the first place he went to (in London) after he found out the sad news that Mandela had passed was his statue.

"I'm standing here at Parliament Square, where there is a statue of Madiba and I have been here for about an hour," he said speaking to Talk Radio 702's John Robbie from the iconic landmark in London in the early hours of the morning where people were coming to pay tribute.

"They're coming the whole time and they're bringing Proteas and more and more flowers. They've got some pictures of him,"

He said he expected this announcement because Tata Madiba was ill but it's still a shock and he felt convicted to be with other Saffers. "My immediate thought was that I wanted to be with my fellow South Africans,"

Neethling also spoke about meeting Mandela after winning gold. "He was just so humble and he served me tea and sandwiches. I almost felt embarrassed by that. I was so grateful for what he'd done for this country and I just really wanted to thank him."

Ryk also urged all South Africans to honour Madiba. "I think we should all make him proud."

The sadness could be heard in the actress Shaleen Surtie Richards voice as she described how she found out the news. "I'm feeling very, very, very sad," she said.

But Richards also felt that it was his time. "Madiba was tired, he needed to rest," "And yet it still hurts so much that he is not alive anymore,"

She shared some very poignant words saying: "He put us on a path of love and forgiveness and we need to follow through with everything that he wanted for us - all of us as South Africans,"

She also revealed that she felt grateful that he was resting. "There's a part of me that thanked God that he is now resting," "And a part of me that is very, very sad,"

With emotion in her voice, Richards gushed about his universally-loved character.

"He was the most wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man I have ever come across and met in my entire life," "And all I want to say is, rest, now sleep Madiba at the feet of the Lord."

She ended her tribute off by saying that she wants all South Africans to forgive one another. "We should all hold hands and hold each other close and forgive, and forgive… everything. Racism, poverty… everything. We should just be human beings and love each other…"

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