On Tour With Virgin Day 1

2130 days ago

Are we ready for London? Hopefully London is ready for us! Darren and producer Brad jetted in on Saturday morning full of plans to watch the Everton-Fulham football game on Sunday. For Darren it was a dream come true, to see the team he'd supported since his voice broke..oh wait a minute, that's still to come. Let's rather say, the team he's supported since forever with the strength and fervour of a GG bra.

Meanwhile Philicity and I made our way through from Johannesburg to London on Virgin Upper Class. All of us were lucky enough to hit that paydirt. Catered food, flatbed seats, mood lighting and custom pyjamas.

The stewards and stewardesses can't do enough for you. If it's not a glass of champagne, or lovingly turning down the bed and plumping the pillow or suggesting another cup of tea, it's like having your mom on board to love you. If of course your mom is the type of mom who starts your road trip with the offer of a glass of champagne...

Phil started the trip by hurling a cup of coffee down her skirt so everyone at the hotel, the Kensington Hilton, thought she'd wet herself with excitement. After a change of clothes we went forth to do our own shopping down New Bond street while Darren,and producer Brad went to watch the soccer. (Everton won, 3-1.)We hit new Bond Street. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Victoria's Secret (yes we went there too) and other droolworthy destinations. We went in with bagsful of promise and came out with bagsful of nothing. The exchange rate is a terrible equation. Chanel had a pair of shoes for 865 pounds. Which at 18 rand to the pound is....oh you do the maths. I couldn't get past 16 000 rand without retching involuntarily. Eventually we comforted ourselves with promises of a pint at the Spread Eagle. Yes really. It's called that.

A regroup at a traditional English pub for fish and chips and beer for a strategy session means that today after a super early start, we hit the big tourist attractions. Expect to see us arriving at Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. And Big Ben. The clock not the bouncer.

The Celebrity sighting highlight of the day was Philicity's. She brushed past Simon Cowell. Yes THAT Simon Cowell. They practically touched, admittedly by accident. He was in the company of his girlfriend Lauren, baby Eric and two small dogs. He behaved very well. Didn't bug Phil for an autograph or anything!

Regards Sam

Meanwhile here is some footage of Darren's arrival in London and a brilliant hotel room review by Producer Brad. He has the duty of video recording...This should be fun!

Now watch Darren at his first ever Everton game. His celebrations are absolutely priceless!



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