Best World Cup Ads

2170 days ago

The World Cup is one of the biggest global marketing events - no wonder brands go all out to impress viewers. Check out these ads that have captured major Youtube views.

Who would've thought that one of the coolest World Cup ads would come from Castrol? While the connection might be hard to make, the execution is great; Brazil's Neymar tries to score against a rally car driven by stunt driver Ken Block. This surprisingly engaging vid has clocked up over 15 million views.

McDonald's World Cup ad is a joy to watch! The brand focused on the essence of the beautiful game and features ordinary people - a woman dressed for the club, a few kids and an old man - doing amazing tricks and trick shots. We guarantee this vid will have you wowed.

The Beats ad features the World Cup's most valuable name: Neymar. With the combination of the music, conversation with his dad, flashbacks and shots of favelas as well as shots to other sports and global celebs, this ad manages to pull at the heartstrings and get the blood pumping.



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