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1804 days ago

I wrote this song when I was a month or so into homeschooling myself for the first time, contemplating if it was worth giving up being with my friends every day. The little voice inside my head was telling me that this whole "music thing" wasn't going to work out and I was starting to believe it. I felt like I was searching for something while being blindfolded. But whilst sitting at the piano and starting to write Battleships, I regained that vision of reaching for my dreams and stopping at no obstacles; not listening to the negative words from myself or people who thought I was making a mistake by following my dream and desire of making it in the entertainment journey

So this song is about a journey of conquering negativity and working hard at making dreams become reality. Battleships really is about the highs and lows of winning and losing a never ending war that continues as long as you're up for the fight; believing in yourself and not surrendering to those who don't believe in you.

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