Biggest Local Songs in 2016... So Far

751 days ago

We usually leave these lists for the end of the year, but why not get ahead of the game and see who has had us jamming in the first half of the year? The list of best albums so far was mainly comprised of international albums as we haven't had too many South African albums this year but in terms of singles, our local artists are SHINING!

Here's a list of local chart toppers:

Kwesta ft. Cassper Nyovest - Ngud'

Undeniably the BIGGEST song of the year so far. This one topped the #CokeTop40 for several weeks and it's still charting in the top 10! Kwesta, you've officially got yourself a classic. We'll be jamming to this one for years to come!'iKing vele le'.

Goodluck - Thinking About You

Goodluck never disappoints, do they? These guys kicked off 2016 with one of their best songs, yet. 'Thinking About You' might be a remake, but Goodluck's signature is all over it and makes you forget that this track was originally penned by someone else. We can't get enough!

Crazy White Boy ft. Julia Church - Something New

Heading into 2016, we hadn't heard much from Crazy White Boy. Had they broken up? Were they spending their money overseas? Were they in the production studio making music? Well now we know that they were working on (not just any other song but) A HUGE HOUSE BANGER! We thank you, Crazy White Boy. Dance-floors are LIT this year thanks to you.

Da L.E.S. ft. AKA & Maggz - Real Stuff

'I been in the dungeon cooking up the real stuff. Stacking 50's and 100's, they gon' think I deal drugs. Two cups with the ammo, check my new collabo. North god got the whole squad dressed in camo'. This is a tune that needs to catch you in the cluurrrb! Definitively the best song off Da L.E.S.'s North God album. Adding AKA and Maggz to this cut was a stroke of genius, this is the bomb!

De Capo ft. Tresor - Speed of Sound

This is the most recent release on our list. De Capo has collaborated with SAMA nominee Tresor on this African-inspired tune. The 7-minute cut takes you on an incredible journey and it's sure to be getting a lot more airplay, because it's THAT good.


Ryki ft. Aewon Wolf - Please Try **

Newcomer Ryki has us dreaming of a a tropical island getaway with her debut single. This Sketchy Bongo produced record has influences of DJ Snake layered with some local beats and, of course, Ryki's infectious voice. This is the epitome of sexy. You could definitely grind to this on the dancefloor… Oh oh, we're going all PG 13 on you…

AKA ft. Yanga - Dreamwork

By now we know that there are many facets to AKA's music. He can be a popstar and keep us jamming on records such as 'Congratulate'… He can also spit some serious bars as we heard on 'Composure'… This year he dropped what is possibly the best 'true hip-hop' song of 2016. Dreamwork features Vth Season protégé Yanga and it's one of those songs that has you mean mugging uncontrollably. Stellar work!

Rouge ft. Moozlie - Mbongo Zaka

2016 seems to be the year of the newcomer… Rouge is the newest kid on the block in the hip-hop scene and she's proving that this myth that female rappers don't have good flow is just that… A MYTH! She 'ain't got no ballerina flow' On Mbongo Zaka, Rouge just wants to get PAID! Judging by this Tweezy produced tune, she'll be getting paid for years on end.


Nasty C - Hell Naw **

Speaking of newcomers… Nasty C writes his songs. He produces them. He directs his own music videos. And it STILL sounds so good! "Hell Naw" is an easy going hip-hop song with the teenager rapping and rhyming with his effortless flow. We're looking forward to hearing a lot more from this kid. He's the real deal!

Timo ODV - I Need You

Last year, Timo ODV's 'Save Me' was the most played SA song across all radio stations in South Africa! He's well on track in 2016 with his new single 'I Need You'. This deep house song is all him! Vocals, production and mastering. Are we getting an album this year? Let's hope so… Yes Timo, we're looking at YOU!


What have been some of your favourite local songs this year? Let us know. #947LovesMusic_**



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