A wish for Fernanda

558 days ago

Lee-Ann got to find out about Fernanda at her church when they were packing food parcels for the needy. She became curious about the one food parcel because it was slightly bigger than the others. When she asked, she was told it was for a 70-year old lady called Fernanda who lives in a bachelor flat in the Germiston area.A few years ago, Fernanda befriended a lady who worked as a domestic worker in the neighbourhood. Fernanda would look after her children while the lady was cleaning people’s houses. In June 2014, the lady died of a heart attack, leaving behind her 3 children, the youngest of whom was only 3 months old at the time. Without hesitation, Fernanda took in the 3 children to live with her. Ever since, she has housed them, clothed them, fed them and kept the two older children in school.Fernanda has managed to look after them on her government pension. Her biological son, who’s a blockman by trade, has also recently lost his job and has moved in with them.So there’s a total of 5 mouths to feed on Fernanda’s government pension. see what we did for her...



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