What was your song of 2016

540 days ago

2016 was an amazing year for music! It’s hard to pick just one song that made your year. But our 947 presenters are always up to a challenge, see what they had to say…

Beyoncé dropped a Lemonade bomb that we simply couldn’t ignore! So of course she made the list. Surprisingly it wasn’t Anele who chose her, Formation was Stacey Norman’s pick.

Zweli and Mantsoe kept it local.

Although there was a battle for Mantsoe’s pick! Both Zweli and Sizwe Dhlomo chose her song too. Kwesta and Cassper Nyovet’s Ngud’ had them fighting tooth and nail (Mantsoe has the longest nails though and she came out on top.)

Greg’s pick is… well… Very Greg haha! Do you agree with his choice?

There is Bieber fever in the air with him coming to Joburg in May next year, wonder if that has anything to do with Lucky’s choice…

Darren’s choice hit the charts late in the year, but it’s such a great song, we are not surprised he picked Matoma and Becky hill’s False Alarm.

Who can forget Alex Caige in spandex? If you don’t know what we mean check this out:

We are finished! #AlexTwerk @alexcaige you are too funny! #947Drive @zintathu

A video posted by 947 (@947joburg) on

So his pick is a no brainer…

Look, Anele is a sing a long kinda girl, she just can’t help herself… but this song… She BELTED it out every time it played. Loud and every word! Usher – Crash was her song of 2016!

What was your song of 2016? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook, tag us @947 and use the hashtag #YourSongOf2016



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