6 tips on how to be happy

429 days ago

Living in an increasingly stressful world can generate a lot of negative emotions and most likely impact your health.

So how do you counter that and generate happiness?

Azania Mosaka spoke to certified coach Steve Krummeck about how to generate happiness whatever your definition.

The most broad view of happiness is that it is a state of being from a physiological and mental state, depending on ones strain of reference it can be a spiritual state as well. It can be changed and enhanced through simple techniques.

Steve Krummeck, Professional Certified Coach (Life, Business, and Executive / Leadership Coaching)

Here is how you can enhance your happiness according to Krummeck

Day to day exercise - Science proves that more exercise can slow down the process of aging and improve your health.

Gratitude - expressing gratitude for even the smallest things can automatically shift your mental state and outlook on life. Your thoughts, positive or negative, can affect your body chemistry.

Acts of kindness - Krummeck believes one of our core purposes in life is to give to others and is an uplifting feeling.

Smiling regularly

Read and share good news

Savor positive experiences - Majority of people do not enjoy their work, the biggest responsibility a majority of the population has is to find some joy in their work which will transform your day into a more joyful experience. Be aware of the things that are bringing about stress and list a set of resolutions to that problem.

Everything in life is a choice and how we choose to respond to whatever presents itself to us is how we will feel.

Steve Krummeck, Professional Certified Coach (Life, Business, and Executive / Leadership Coaching)

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