Adrian Steirn shares the inspiration behind ‘Beautiful News’

11 days ago

Beautiful News is a platform dedicated to sharing ‘inspiring and uplifting’ stories that celebrate South Africa.
Told through short films and photographs, the stories are released daily at 4:14pm.

The initiative is founded by the creator of 21 Icons, photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn.

Listen to him share with Azania, some of the inspirations behind the platform.

The inspiration comes from the community of South Africa. To a certain extent we self-govern, we make our own decisions here and treat each other decently most of the time and the human spirit here has been extraordinary.

Adrian Steirn, photographer and filmmaker

For me to be able to celebrate the stories of the common people, people like myself who are just living amongst the community and trying to make the best of it seemed like something worthwhile doing.

Adrian Steirn, photographer and filmmaker

Click below to listen to the full interview...

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