'Going Dutch' on a first date (chivalry may be dead)

11 days ago

The question of who should pay for the bill on a first date never has a straightforward answer.

Some people prefer "going Dutch" (sharing the bill), while some believe it should depend on who asked for a date.

Azania Mosaka tells her story and asks her listeners to share their experiences.

I have no issue with going Dutch... What century are we in now, that guys need to pay for meals? Guys should go Dutch all the way, there is no shame in that.


Dutch is a test on female's side as well. They don't really wanna take it, and if she does, it doesn't take long.


These guys have lost the plot. I have been married for 35 years, but there is no way other than the old fashioned way. Spoil her, and you will get the best out of your woman.


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