3 signs that you are not over your ex

682 days ago

Katherine Heigl is clearly not over her ex, in "Unforgettable." See here:

Are you over you ex? Here are 3 signs that you aren't:

1. Constantly checking their social media pages

It's acceptable, after a break up, to have a peek at your ex's Facebook or Instagram pages (we are only human!) It's not ok if you find yourself checking their every move on an hourly basis. Looking at the profiles of people who have commented on their photos or people who they have recently added as a friend is not cool (BE COOL, ok?) You are clearly not over them, but you need to stop, you are just winding yourself up.

2. Showing up where you know you'll see them

It's natural that you will bump into your ex after you have broken up. After all you obviously had things in common, similar interests, maybe even mutual friends. It's not healthy though, if you purposefully make sure that you are at every social engagement that you know they'll be at. Give yourself some space to heal.

3. Keeping them as your "go to person"

Every time you feel emotional or need advice, they are the person you turn to. It's a tell-tale sign you are not ready to let go, basically you want any reason to contact them. Our advice is if you feel like you can't help yourself just delete their number, block them on social media, make it hard for yourself to contact them in a weak moment.

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