Don't be rude: 5 ways to practice cell phone etiquette

124 days ago

It's important to confront friends and family if they seem distracted by their cell phones, says Afro Protocol founder Courtenay Carey.

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Cell phones are the new social scourge. They are breaking down connections between people... The interactions are what keep us human.

Courtenay Carey, founder and owner at Afro Protocol

Carey offered the following advice on how to better practice cell phone etiquette:

1. Cell phones should be put away at all social events, especially at the dinner table.

2. Be present and always make eye contact during conversation.

3. Avoid talking on the phone within 10 metres of others.

4. Do not activate your speaker phone in public.

5. Ask permission before posting incriminating pictures of other people.

Take a listen to the conversation:

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