#JoburgGem: Hot Air Ballooning in Pilanesberg

452 days ago

Why not a Safari in the Sky? It's just three hours out of Joburg and get some time with nature. It's a great experience to have with family or friends and catch up over drinks in the air. How amazing is that?

The balloon travels with the wind so you will experience no turbulence and the only noise you will hear is the occasional firing of the burner. The elevated view from the balloon allows you to appreciate the magnificence of the **Pilanesberg Alkaline Ring Complex**. The unique geological feature was born from volcanic activity and now forms concentric rings that are characteristic of the park.

Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg National Park offers an experience of a lifetime, you will spot nature's hidden gems from the skies above, not to forget the big five. That is not all, they have an offer you will thank us for. The hot air safari includes:

  • One hour flight over the reserve

  • Sparkling wine after landing

  • Full English breakfast

  • First flight certificate

Don't miss out on this great adventure. Check them out.



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