5 ways to respond to your child’s report card

341 days ago

It’s that time of year! The third term school report has been analysed to death and the end-of-year exams are looming. It’s difficult to know exactly how to respond to poor results, but losing your temper and revoking your child’s phone privileges could impact your child more than you realise.

So while this may be a stressful time for your family, here are some ways that you can help your child get to back on track for the final stretch of the academic year:

1. Talk to your child

No, this doesn’t need to be a TV-style intervention. Find a good time to have an informal chat with your child about
their marks. Begin by acknowledging good results and improvements, and then ask them why they think they have struggled in other subjects. Ask them about their teacher, their friends and the classroom as well as the specific problem area.

Talk to them about how you can work together to improve their marks, and be mindful of what they need.

2. Meet with your child’s teacher

Arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss their results, and consider the various factors that could be at
play. Are they struggling to grasp certain concepts, or are they being bullied? Your child’s educator could provide additional insight into their school day and give you an idea of your child’s progress in relation to their peers.

3. Re-evaluate your expectations of your child

Obviously, you want the best for your child, but consider that you might be expecting too much from them. Perhaps you’re comparing them to an older sibling with different strengths, or your own school career. If there’s one B on an otherwise perfect report, is that worth losing sleep over? Avoid setting unrealistic expectations and pushing your
child too hard. That’s the quickest way to a meltdown.

4. Reward your child’s hard work

Sure, you’ve told the receptionist, your best friends and the nice old lady at the shop how bright your child is – but have you told them directly? Show your child how proud you are by rewarding their hard work and improvements – whether it’s with something they’ve had their eye on, or with some quality time together.

5: Determine if your child needs extra help

If your child is still struggling, they may need additional, personalised support. Whether they’re battling with a specific subject or need help with study and exam skills, an individual, tailored approach can identify issues and a way forward.

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