Urbanologi: Joburg's very own Asian-inspired "urban garde"

62 days ago

Jack Coetzee is a head chef at Urbanologi and prepared some delectable treats for 702 host Azania Mosaka's food feature.

Urbanologi is located at the 1 Fox Precinct in Ferreirasdorp , the oldest part of town and the heart of Johannesburg.

Based inside the Mad Giant Brewery, Urbanologi works side by side with the brewery team brainstorming and testing new ideas in search of new flavours, ingredients, processes, and techniques.

The essence of their food comes from using the highest quality of fresh Asian and local ingredients while harnessing the character of street food with an Avant Garde thought process, says Coetzee.

Listen to the interview with Chef Jack Coetzee in the audio clip below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Urbanologi: Joburg's very own Asian-inspired "urban garde"

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