The Fashion Lab Johannesburg – space for creating and doing

994 days ago

“Fashion is not isolated, it speaks, it sings, it dances and it lives.” A true and worthy description of the work Fashion Lab Johannesburg has committed itself to do.

The Fashion Lab is an experimental space dedicated to investing time in teaching the art of fashion through creating and doing. Fashion Lab is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of clothing and style.

Their workshops aims to harness skills and provide a space where those passionate about this form of expression have the opportunity to implement what they learn in an interesting and stimulating environment.

Founded in Johannesburg in 2014, it has hosted workshops that have encouraged a space where fashion creatives can produce cutting edge clothing which meets high fashion with high art.

The workshop has an unrestricted ethos established to help anybody wanting to learn new skills, develop additional techniques or experiment and discover to further their existing ability. Members work on everything from drapery to textiles to doing fashion shoots with smartphone cameras.

Fashion Lab has also given birth to several remarkable collaborative projects.

In 2014, they produced the ‘L’afrique C’est Chic’ shot for GQ Magazine, which was a celebration of contemporary African style. Participants have experimented with music photography producing startling shots for The Sextons and rapper Gigi Lamayne.

Photographed by Richard Thompson, Gigi Lamayn looked majestic in silver and black dresses and headpieces - an incredible futurist piece.

Workshops at The Fashion Lab are developed for anyone desiring to learn new skills, develop extra techniques or just try-out and explore to further their existing gifts. Mentors are all experts in their particular fields, and have lots of practical and professional experience that they love to share.

Visit The Fashion Lab on Facebook to learn more or to join.

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