[LISTEN] The Naked Scientist explains the effects of cooking with microwaves

511 days ago

Chris Smith is popularly known to CapeTalk and 702 listeners as The Naked Scientist and joins the Eusebius McKaiser Show every Friday and does his best to answer questions either on science or just about anything under the sun from both 702 and CapeTalk listeners.

This week's science story: Cancers carry microbes with them when they spread around the body,
suggesting that bacteria might promote the process, new research has

Rogue cancer cells don't operate alone it seems: instead they can carry a cadre of microbial sidekicks that can accelerate the disease process. This is the conclusion of a new study from scientists at Harvard, in Boston, who have looked at large numbers of tumour specimens collected from patients with colon cancer.

The Naked Scientist

The team, led by Matthew Myerson, also studied samples of metastases - tumours formed when cells break away from the primary site and become established in a remote part of the body - collected from the same patients

The Naked Scientist

In nearly all cases, the team was able to culture microbes from a group known as Fusobacteria, as well as several other bacterial families, from the primary colon tumour samples explains the Naked Scientist.

Listen to the Naked Scientist answer questions on how aspirin's work and the effects of cooking with microwaves

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