Ambassador Pictures Wins 48 hour Film Project

343 days ago

The 48 hour Film Project is a project aimed at young film makers pushing the boundaries by creating a movie under 48 hours with non-stop filming. It's a worldwide phenomenon. Ambassador Pictures won this year's competition and they need some help to represent South Africa internationally.

We are a small South African film production company. We entered the 48 hour film project 2017 and won the South African leg of the competition. We are overjoyed, and as the winners of the South African leg of the competition we have been chosen to represent the country in France in 2018.

Ambassador Pictures

We are asking for donations and support to get to the next leg of the competition, which costs quite a few Rands. We're a group of enthusiatic, artistic South Africans, who uphold the ideals of a new South Africa, and hope that you will believe that we can share our vision with the rest of the world.

Ambassador Pictures

They need donations to help fund their 15 man cast and crew to attend the festival in Paris France, covering travelling, accomodation, and festival costs. If you love the 48 hour Film Project 947 loves you. Find out more.



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