#JoburgGem: Saigon Suzy

251 days ago

The most amazing thing about the 947 Crew is they get to experience the best of Joburg, whether it be food, activities or just the beauty that is Joburg. Our beautiful crew members Kyle and Sibo's Joburg Gem is Saigon Suzy, we are jealous already.

Bruce the owner says he has been lucky enough to travel to Asia, and that's where he dragged his inspiration between his travels from Asia - very much into Vietmaneese food and Asian BBQ style cuisine. Bruce met Andy almost 12 years ago and originally Saigon Suzy was suppose to be a pop up Noodle Shop. Why Parkwood - Finding space was important, regeneration was pipework for Rosebank especially.

947 Crew

Seems like Sibo and Kyle had a blast trying out the beautiful and tasty Asian cuisine, as if that's not enough they also got to hang out with the Chefs and founders of the restaurant. We think it's a place to be with buzzing feedback from residents around Joburg, we believe it's earned its stripes to being a Joburg Gem. We suggest you give it a try and let us know what you like and compare whether it's as awesome as Sibo and Kyle say it is.

Saigon Suzy is an Asian fusion restaurant and bar inspired by our travels and street food markets, therefore, because of the style we don't take table reservations. We are really sorry to disappoint you but due to popular demand, we believe this is the best way for everyone to experience what we have to offer. We don’t want to be that place that is always fully booked and you can never get in – that’s not Suzy’s style!

Saigon Suzi

If you have a Joburg Gem you think Kyle and Sibo should try out then let us know and maybe they might choose it as their next Joburg Gem. Check out Saigon Suzy.



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