10 Litres of Kindness

944 days ago

Water is a big issue in Cape Town and they're finding ways to end the water crisis and while that is happening there is a great initiative called 10 Litres of Kindess which is aids to 'assist families in Cape Town with donations of 10 litres of water. The intention is that these families or communities pay it forward to others in need.'

We cannot imagine what it's like to live without water, not being able to bath, cook or even drink. A great gift from the Earth is being able to cultivate the lands with the water we get, and we need to help our fellow people and donate at least 10 Litres of water to help them get through this water crisis.

Meteorologist Lynette van Schalkwyk said that rains are to be expected during the course of April. "Hopefully we'll have a normal season. We don't receive our annual rainfall during summer so that results in evaporation taking place very quickly over the dams," said Van Schalkwyk. Cape Town will continue to implement water restrictions, with the city saying it will only be willing to relax current restrictions if dams reach 85%. They say this may take more than one season.


To find out more on how you can assist the people of the Western Cape just click here and let's save a family.



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