Outrage over censoring African cultural images on Google and Facebook

943 days ago

A group of activists has expressed outrage at Google and Facebook deeming photos and videos of semi-naked black women and children, as inappropriate.

A march against Google and Facebook is being held in Johannesburg by the group for what they call the abuse of African women and children taking part in cultural practices.

Head of TV Yabantu, Lazi Dlamini, spoke on the issue of respecting other cultures and not imposing one's own cultural values, on The Midday Report. He says that the march is about bringing awareness.

Dlamini says that abuse comes in different forms, and that when people talk about women and child abuse, they normally refer to the physical abuse. Dlamini adds that emotional abuse is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

Our women they facing a lot of abuse, a lot of victimisation on these social media platforms.

Lazi Dlamini, Head of TV Yabantu

African women are very spiritual, they love themselves and believe in what they do. When they celebrate their African culture they celebrate that spiritually.

What these companies like Facebook do is then they delete those pictures saying that the pictures that they post are inappropriate for their community standards.

Lazi Dlamini, Head of TV Yabantu

He says the group would like is these platforms to respect their traditions, culture, women and children.

We are happy that they’re in this country sharing their technology and these kids love their technology, they love YouTube, they love Facebook but they must be treated with respect.

Lazi Dlamini, Head of TV Yabantu

Listen to the groups demands in the audio below...

This article first appeared on 702 : Outrage over censoring African cultural images on Google and Facebook



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