Expect an 8% hike in university fees come 2018

935 days ago

Universities South Africa is the body responsible for representing the interest of our countries public universities. The body announced that in 2018, university tuition fees will increase by 8%.

Universities South Africa’s CEO Ahmed Bawa highlights the reasons behind the announcement. Universities are about to enter the 2018 academic year and what that means is that they need to enter the year with enough resources says Bawa. He adds that the university needs time to offer the same services that were present in 2017 says Bawa.

We’ve had discussions with the department and the ministries and the President’s office but there’s no movement at the moment.

Ahmed Bawa, Universities South Africa’s CEO

Bawa says that the universities need to start budgeting so they can be prepared for the new academic year. He adds that student activists will be unhappy but the universities are in a tight corner.

Listen to the full story in the audio below...

This article first appeared on 702 : Expect an 8% hike in university fees come 2018



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