Why organisers chose Constitution Hill for the AfroPunk festival

935 days ago

The rage started when the announcement was made. It has been going for 14 years with a presence in Paris, London, Brooklyn, Atlanta, and now Johannesburg.

AfroPunk is an international festival that sees youth from all walks of life come together in a celebration of music, creativity, and memories.

If you didn’t know – now you do. Punks are a sub-culture that dress and express themselves in such a way that allowed people to distinguish them from other sub-cultures.

In studio, the founder of Afropunk Jocelyn Cooper chats about her bold approach towards the AfroPunk festival in Johannesburg.

The idea is to get people to stay in the city says Cooper. She adds that they also wanted to bring new people to Johannesburg so they can see its beauty.

It’s intentional that we are in Johannesburg during a time that people leave the city.

Jocelyn Cooper, founder of Afropunk

Cooper says that they choose Johannesburg because of the culture, activism, youth and the artists. She adds that the idea to hold the festival on Constitution Hill was because South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world.

Our values align with the South African Constitution, says Cooper. We also wanted to bring light to the area she adds.

When we talk about being on Constitution Hill and it being surrounded by Hillbrow and other cool places that we think are cool in the city.

Jocelyn Cooper, founder of Afropunk

Hear more about the AfroPunk Festival in the audio below...

This article first appeared on 702 : Why organisers chose Constitution Hill for the AfroPunk festival



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