Competition Commission to release report on school uniform prices

934 days ago

JOHANNESBURG – As parents and learners make their final preparations for the start of the 2018 academic year on Wednesday, many say they are unable to cope with the prices of school uniforms and stationery.

The cost of uniforms has come under the spotlight recently, with the Competition Commission committing to release a report into the industry's anti-competitive practices.

The commission instituted investigations and conducted a survey into the R10 billion industry after receiving complaints about the high prices last year.

The commission says that it found that a number of schools had agreements with one supplier, therefore, driving the price of uniforms up.

One parent says that the Competition Commission should recommend a change.

“All the schools in South Africa should have the same uniform which makes it so much easier if a parent wants to move, the prices are relatively low.”

Parents say they are spending more than they were five years ago and that they are not coping with the soaring prices.

“For primary school I got a blazer for R580 but now only three years later, you find that a blazer for high school is R910, then I have no choice because they ask us why the kids don’t have full uniform.”

The Competition Commission says it expects its report to open the industry to other suppliers and force prices down.

This article first appeared on EWN : Competition Commission to release report on school uniform prices



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