947 listeners help create an authentically Joburg ice-cream

262 days ago

What if you could taste a Joburg sunset? Or the feeling of driving over the Nelson Mandela bridge in the middle of the night, watching the lights of the city twinkle around you?

What flavours would you lend to the energy of the streets and the vibe of the people? The stifling heat of early January had the team at 947 asking these questions, and they called on listeners to help 947 create an ice-cream that captures the spirit of the City of Gold.

For two weeks, listeners could take a quiz to not only put together the ultimate Joburg ice-cream but to also find out what kind of Joburger they are based on their creations. The station took these delicious insights and partnered with Pete’s Super Natural Ice-Cream to whip up an authentic Joburg ice-cream.

Pete’s Super Natural Ice-cream is handmade by Peta Frysh, a Jozi local, who uses only the freshest ingredients to create a delicious range of ice-creams from her kitchen in Killarney.

The Joburg Sunset Split is a celebration of the awesome Summer evenings we get to enjoy in this city, between days spent hustling and nights out on the town. It’s that moment of calm when the dusty skies light up in shades of gold and pink, and we stop for a second to take it all in.

Smooth, creamy banana truffle ice cream spiked with pink pineapple swirl – the shot of adrenalin that is never far away when you live in Joburg. Made with milk and cream from pasture-fed hormone and antibiotic free cows that live on a family run farm, with all-natural flavours, this is ice-cream done right, and every mouthful is an experience.

For the month of February 2018, the Joburg Sunset Splitvwill be available in select stores around Gauteng, don’t miss this chance to get a taste of Summer in the City with 947.

The Joburg Sunset Split will be available in stores from 6 February 2018 at the following stockists

  • Jackson's Real Food Market, Bryanston
  • Jackson's Real Food Market, Kyalami
  • Farm Table, Linden
  • Oaklands Fruit, Oaklands
  • Impala Fruit, Craighall Park
  • The Leopard Food Company, 44 Stanley
  • The Roastery, Muldersdrift
  • Baha Taco, Norwood
  • Craft & Co, Parkview
  • Voodoo Lily Cafe, Birdhaven
  • Big Mouth Sushi and Grill, Sandton City

Come through and have a taste of your ice-cream at these locations over the next two days:
Tuesday: The traffic circle at Tiger’s Milk, Riverside Club – Braynston Drive and St James Crescent @ 4PM
Wednesday: Curbside Café, 28 Witkoppen Road, Lonehill, Sandton (right next to the curbside café minibus @ 8:30AM

If you love ice-cream, 947 loves you.



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