10 everyday items with functions you may not have know about

36 days ago

Ever wondered what those random holes in a saucepan handle are for? What about the tab on your rear view mirror?

1 - Rear view mirror tab

The tab helps you to adjust the mirror to prevent the high-beam lights from the car behind blinding you.

2 - Arrow next to the fuel pump symbol

If you don't know which side your fuel tank is, the arrow next to the fuel pump symbol will direct you.

3 - Holes on the side of your Converse sneakers

The holes on the side of your Converse were not designed for ventilation. They were actually designed so that you can run your laces through them for a tighter fit.

4 - Hole at the end of a pen cap

When manufacturers found out that a lot of people chew on the pen cap, they added a whole at the end so that if someone swallows the cap, they will still be able to breathe.

5 - Mini pockets in your jeans

In the 19th century, cowboys used to carry their pocket watches in the mini pocket.,

6 - The hole at the end of saucepan handles

The holes were designed for the primary purpose of holding wooden spoons.

7 - The end of toothpicks

The end of a toothpick can be broken off easily so that you can use the end as a stand for your toothpick.

8 - Hook at the back of a shirt

The hook is designed so that you can hang your shirt from a peg if you do not have any hangers.

9 - Tiny bumps on tyres

The bumps indicate the minimum safe tread height. When they are worn down, you know it's time to change your tires.

10 - Beer bottle neck

The neck of a beer bottle was designed for when carrying your beer by hand. This is to ensure that you do not transfer the heat from your hand to the beer if you held it on the body.

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