Get on the launching pad: Now the real work begins - part 2

368 days ago

Okay okay, stop bragging, we see you... looking lean and mean. I bet you look in the mirror a whole lot more now don't you? Flexing like a champ... that's good, you've earned those bragging rights, you put in the work, no one else did, you're allowed to take a picture of yourself at every angle. Now the question is, how do you keep it going?

Maintaining your progress

Cool, so you got on the launching pad, started going to the gym regularly, your diet is on point and you've noticed some ab lines, that's good...that's really good, now we have to take those ab lines to the next level, I'm talking about a proper six pack (8 pack if you want to show off). One of the hardest things to do once results start to show is keeping the momentum going. Sometimes you see progress and think that you don't have to put in as much work because you're looking like a flame now, you're a snack, right? So why work harder? That's the wrong mindset to have, the work begins when the progress starts to show. You have to condition your mind to the fact that this is your life now. You have to learn more about your body, its capabilities and how far you can take it. You need to know the kind of food that works for you and what you have to change up in your diet to keep your shape intact. You've made it this far, don't sleep on your gains now.

Avoid the plateau

So 2013 I started my journey right, really took on the whole "New Year New Me" idea, lost weight, got
leaner... started swimming with a shirt off. In 2014 I became even more focused, got insanely lean - my abs had abs, I could do pull-ups in my sleep and I ran around the field 10 times once to prove a point to my coach who wouldn't let me in the soccer team because I couldn't make it through the warm up in the training sessions. I went from 95 kgs to 70kgs. By the start of 2015, I was a clean 72kgs, I reached my goal and with that I became comfortable. I don't know if it was because I had a flat chest now, but I got cocky, stopped training as hard, started eating refined carbs like it’s cool and just like that, I became stocky again and went up to 80kgs.

Get on the launching pad: Start reaching your health and fitness goals - part 1

The problem wasn't that I stopped training, the problem was that I stopped making the journey exciting for myself. In health and fitness experiencing new things is important, I personally believe in shocking the body, the body shouldn't get used to a routine and style, it'll get bored, and if your body gets bored, it'll look bored. Your body craves a challenge, there are muscles in your body waiting to be switched always try your hardest to do new things that challenge you. If you're training consistently but see no change in your body, you need to switch up your training because that's your body telling you that it has hit a massive plateau. Don't be afraid to try out new things, it seems impossible until it's done - you got this!

Tebogo Kungwane (@sliqworld) is a weird, funny guy who loves health and fitness. He was concerned with his physical health, dealing with being overweight. He started getting on the launchpad in 2013.

You can follow his daily training regime on his Instagram page for motivation.



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