Crafters Bar in Norwood will give you an amazing Joburg experience

383 days ago

The Crafters is an enclosed rooftop cocktail bar serving light snacks and meals while patrons enjoy a 360-degree panoramic sunset to relieve the stress of a busy day in the city.

The 947 Crew headed out to Norwood check out one of Joburg's hidden gems, Crafters Bar. Let's see what they got up to.

They chatted to Nkosi Sixwle, the man making sure that things run smoothly.

Crafters Bar was created in 2014 and it's been running for almost four years. Nkosi has been here since the day this incredibly popular local spot opened. Friday's and Saturday's are the most vibey days for those post-work cocktails.

It's also a fully open venue that host parties, as well.

A great feature of Crafters is the diverse nature of its customers. During the week the bar attracts a lot of corporates, but on the weekends it's a hot spot for the youth with their live bands and deejays.

What sets Crafters apart from their competitors? Their signature cocktails...

We sell at least 500 cocktails a week. We have mastered our cocktails for everyone's taste. Most people come here for our cocktails and our original craft beers. The Idea for Crafters was actually just a rooftop until the sunset view took the owners breath away and that's where the idea of Crafters came through - especially for sunset drinks. The owner was very, very inspired by what Joburg is and the view from these seats are perfect for a drink.

Nkosi Sixwle

If you're always looking for new spots to try out, then Crafters is one for you to add to your list either tonight, this week, or over the weekend.

Their selection of salads and other snacks will keep that hunger at bay.

Follow Crafters on social media and go check them out! Let us know what you thought of them.


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