Beyoncé owns the stage at Coachella, featuring Jay-Z and Destiny's Child.

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Beyoncê took centre stage at Coachella and absolutely owned it. In one of the most electrifying performances in the festival's history, her performance has been all over social media.

She even brought on Jay-Z and did a reunion with Destiny's Child.

Her performance started off in supreme fashion.

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Beyoncê made history as the first woman of colour to headline the world-renowned festival.

Thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline Coachella! This is a very important performance for me ... do we have any strong women out there tonight?


One of the major highlights from her performance that broke the internet was bringing out fellow Destiny's Child members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

The trio last performed together in 2015, so when they hit the stage the crowd erupted.

The trio ripped in to a medley of Lose My Breath, Say My Name and Soldier.

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Even fellow musician Adele got in on the praise for Beyoncê

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Destiny’s Child return to the stage. Picture: AFP Source:AFP

And let's not forget Jay-Z joining her on stage for Deja Vu.

Destiny’s Child return to the stage. Picture: AFP Source: AFP

Beyonce-branded merchandise was seriously hot property at Coachella, with organisers confirming none of Queen Bey’s merch was to be sold until her performance started.

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Beyoncé will be back at Coachella next weekend, so we're pretty sure that Anele will be keeping a close eye on her.



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