Selling your car? Find out what it's worth!

364 days ago

If you are shopping for a reliable car with some budget constraints, car expert Jacob Moshokoa has some good advice on buying, selling or trading in your current vehicle.

Jacob joined 702's Azania Mosaka to help a few listeners.

A motorist, Bridget shared her car troubles and why she wants to trade in her Ford Kuga 1.6 Ecoboost.

My Kuga was recalled five times. I almost died yesterday, I was driving this Kuga 1.6 2015 and then the next thing the car did not want to move. The next robot, the same thing, the orange light came on and said there is an engine problem, I must stop the car immediately.

Bridget, caller

I phoned Ford, told them the problem. I phones Ford AA and they did not come and take the car, they told me the warrant expired in December. Ford Bruma have told me they have changed the valve hot water...

Bridget, caller

Here is what Jacob had to say.

If you are selling the car, the trade on the car is R 277 000 and retail is R 316 000. My advice is if there is no reassurance that they will fix the car when there are any factory glitches, I would say get out of that car as soon as possible.

Jacob Moshokoa, car expert

Click on the link below to hear more great advice from Jacob...

This article first appeared on 702 : Selling your car? Find out what it's worth!



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