[FEEL GOOD] Sizwe Lande's kindness helps raise 100 blankets for the homeless

268 days ago

We often receive e-mails or messages from people who are in need. Sometimes, we are able to help them out and sometimes we aren't able to.

When we are able to help, we do.

Greg & Lucky received an e-mail from Sizwe Lande.

Sizwe rides his bicycle from Soweto to varsity every day and sees people on the street in the cold.

I see people on the street in this cold covering themselves up with boxes, sacks and some of them sharing small blankets. I cannot give them shelter; I would love to, but a blanket for each person will make a big difference.


I see a lot of people who need blankets. I have had conversations with some of them and there are more than fifty people who would need blankets.


Piet van Vuuren, the Promotions and Advertising Manager from SPAR was listening to the show and made contact with Greg & Lucky. Piet and all the SPAR stores donated 100 blankets to support Sizwe's beautiful initiative.

It's a great initiative by Sizwe and a kind heart and at SPAR we believe in supporting community, so on behalf of all the SPAR stores, we would like to donate all those blankets to him.

Piet van Vuuren

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Things weren't coming together as I wanted to and I just wanted to help.

Sizwe Lende

Thank you Sizwe for being an incredible human being and for your kindheartedness.

Greg & Lucky will be joining Sizwe to hand out the blankets!

Thank you to SPAR for making this happen.

947 loves you!



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