David Kau opens up about money (the good, the bad, the smallanyana skeletons)

168 days ago

Being on stage matters more than anything else, which is not a good business model.

David Kau

I didn’t drink, I didn’t take drugs. So I saved a lot of money there. But also drove Land Rovers for 14 years… The cars I’ve driven, if I leave out my first Polo, Golf 2 litre another GTI… I spent more than R5 million!

David Kau

Every week The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews a famous person about her or his attitude to money (hopes and fears, successes and failures, etc.) as part of his weekly “Make Money Mondays, Personal Edition” feature.

This week Whitfield interviewed comedian David Kau.

Kau was born in Maokeng near Kroonstad in the Free State and matriculated from Pretoria’s Meridian College in 1994.

In 1995 he started studying electrical engineering but dropped out in his second year to study for a Performers' Diploma in Speech and Drama at the University of Cape Town.

He stormed onto the comedy scene in 1998 when became the first black stand-up comedian at the Smirnoff Comedy Festival in Cape Town.

In 2001 Kau represented South Africa at the “Just for Laughs” comedy festival in Montreal.

He broke into mainstream consciousness in 2003 with The Pure Monate Show, which he co-created and produced.

  • What does Kau believe about money?

  • Does it keep him up at night?

  • Does he spend like crazy or save compulsively?

Listen to the interview in the audio below (and/or scroll down for more quotes from it).

To graduate I had to write my own show… someone saw me do that and booked me for the Smirnoff Comedy Festival. I’ve never done anything since.

David Kau

I never wanted to be a comedian ever! All I knew was Eddy Murphy’s Delirious…

David Kau

Corporate gigs were our bed and butter… There weren’t a lot of us. I was the black guy, the new guy… I was becoming quite popular. If you’re good the same client will bring you back year after year…

David Kau

Everything I’ve had I paid for… I book other comics, they don’t book me… I employed a lot of people and I gave away a lot of money.

David Kau

In South Africa movies are the worst business to be in… A lot of producers are rich people who want to meet famous people… 94% of movies lose money…

David Kau

It’s like calling! It’s like a sangoma, if you reject it you will suffer!

David Kau

I’ve got to take care of my extended families, and ‘black tax’ and so on.

David Kau

Money, even if you have a lot of it… you can still lose all of it.

David Kau

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This article first appeared on 702 : David Kau opens up about money (the good, the bad, the smallanyana skeletons)



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