[LISTEN] 'We are sitting at 15 to 20 days worth of new mail that is behind'

85 days ago

The Afternoon Drive team has received a number of messages and calls from listeners expecting packages from overseas which they say should've arrived months ago, but there's still no trace of them.

Post Office CEO Mark Barnes joined Joanne Jospeph in studio to explain some of the issues surrounding the latest mail backlog.

It started happening around April, we hadn't been paying all of our suppliers on time and that was the genesis of the problem. The second phase was because of some of those things, we had a go slow and the final stage was the strike. You compounded all of those things together and you ended up with something like 50 million pieces that was in the post.

Mark Barnes, Post Office CEO

Barnes says they are working to restore regular service delivery time.

We are still sitting at around 30 something million - which is about 15 to 20 days worth of new mail that is behind. So we have incoming 2 and a half million a day and we are processing at 5 million a day. If that all happens, it will take us another 15 days to get to what I describe as within standard normal delivery.

Mark Barnes, Post Office CEO

If the world continues as it is now, we would have cleared back to normal delivery in 15 working days. With some notable exceptions...

Mark Barnes, Post Office CEO

The most delayed ones are registered mail from overseas. That takes the longest time to get through the system because it is valuable. It is there where we have had the backlog. The backlog is in three places principal. Witspos, Tshwane mail and the airport.

Mark Barnes, Post Office CEO

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This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] 'We are sitting at 15 to 20 days worth of new mail that is behind'



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