Have you ever dipped into your joint savings account and it paid off for you?

257 days ago

Do your share a joint savings account with your significant other?

If you're in a relationship, you might share an account for those times you want to do something together, i.e.: going on vacation, furnishing your home, etc.

The team asked listeners if they've ever done something like this and what was it they bought with the money.

Chantal's boyfriend asked her to buy a dress, so she decided to dip into their joint savings account because she was broke. She bought the dress, but little did she know what it was for...

He planned this amazing weekend away and said that I have to have a nice dress for Saturday night. He's seen me in all my dresses so I said that I needed a ew dress. I was so broke so I dipped into our joint account.

Chantal, 947 Breakfast Club listener

Cindy said that because he asked her to buy a new dress she doesn't see anything wrong with what she did.

Have you ever dipped into your joint savings account? What did you buy with the money?



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