Brother Nature is the new kid on the (Twitter) block

193 days ago

Image source: Twitter

Move out the way Snow White, there’s a real life animal whisperer in town and Twitter adores him. What all started out with an 18 year-old boy’s love for deer and feeding them on Youtube, turned into countless radio interviews, a clothing line, an Uber endorsement and millions of followers.

He’s almost everyone’s new favourite person on the Twitter streets and we genuinely can’t help but love him.

Brother Nature started posting videos of himself feeding deer in 2016 and this slowly expanded to the rest of the animal kingdom. His tag line is, Everybody Eats, which he firmly stands strong by, feeding and taking videos with all kinds of different animals. Some of his most loved videos include him slow dancing with a sloth to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life and most recently, the video of him taking a bath with an elephant. Some of the more popular animals you see in his videos are his deer squad, made up of Canela and Tay Tay - who are honestly the most popular animals on social media right now.

Brother Nature doesn’t just keep his love for animals to land creatures. He recently swam with dolphins, sharks and more. His swim with the sharks had to be one of his most epic stunts, after it took place because one of his followers dared him to do it.

If you watch his videos, you can see just how comfortable animals are around him. Sometimes, the animals are the ones that easily approach him (possibly because he always has food; but we’d like to also believe it’s Brother Nature’s super powers). This definitely makes it so easy to understand why Kelvin Pena is dubbed Brother Nature.

The love he receives on Twitter grows everyday and his followers have even started a petition to get him his own television show. His videos are endearing, but also hilarious. Even stars like Kristen Bell have said in interviews that they spend their breaks on set catching up on his latest videos. Locally, we have also noticed that Maps Maponyane follows him on Twitter, too.

He’s just a 20-year-old loving animals and loving life. We absolutely love him and we think you will, too.

Take a second to watch some of his videos below because they are sure to leave you smiling.

You can follow him on @COLDGAMEKELV on Twitter and Instagram and his channel on Youtube is called Brother Nature.



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