SA passport the 'Green Mamba' drops in global rankings

62 days ago

According to the Henley Passport Index published on Tuesday, the South African passport dropped two bars in the global rankings since 2008.

The global citizenship advisory group Henley & Partners measures the power of passports by the way in which the holder can access a number of countries either visa-free or with a visa obtainable on arrival.

The South African passport at the moment gives visa-free access to 102 destinations ranking at number three in Africa with Seychelles at the top and Mauritius at number two.

Acting director general at Home Affairs, Thulani Mavuso says they are currently negotiating visa wavers with different countries to increase the number of countries where South Africans can arrive without visas.

We are quite happy for now that we are doing something in order to increase the number of countries. This year we are hoping to finalise those negotiations where we will move from 102 countries to probably 120.

Thulani Mavuso, Acting director general at Home Affairs

The index shows that South Africa has dropped 17 places since 2008.

To hear the rest of the interview with Thulani Mavuso, listen below:

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