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Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

Anna Akhmatova, Russian Poet

Since we can’t get to Italy right now, Gary Kyriacou, a successful entrepreneur and My Kitchen Rules South Africa judge David Higgs, have graciously given our city their taste of Italian heaven in Johannesburg. This incredibly passionate pair officially opened the new and acclaimed restaurant, Saint on the 13 August 2018.

It was glitz and glam at the media launch on the 8 August with the well-dressed who’s who of Johannesburg coming together to celebrate the vision of Gary and David (who are also the team behind the equally exquisite restaurant Marble, in Rosebank) come to fruition. It was beautiful ballerinas and mucho men that welcomed each guest at the entrance. There is no combination greater than a stunning setting, good food and great drinks when one is asking for a good night out. We were spoilt with music that truly created the vibe that kept many of us into the night and even a performance from one of our favourite musical groups in South Africa, Mi Casa.

Ayanda MVP broadcasted live from this Joburg Gem - that we’re dying for you to check out - and it was an absolutely incredible time. From the gourmet pizza, to the drinks mixed by their inspired mixologist, the aesthetics and the vibe, everything about this Joburg Gem is so different and definitely an experience on its own. Ayanda got to catch up with David Higgs live on air about the journey with Saint so far and his journey as the successful chef he is today.

Saint is an Italian inspired restaurant located in the heart of Sandton and promises to bring nothing but the best of Italian cuisine, with traditional pizzas and pastas, as well as; a range of dishes cooked on woks and it all definitely lives up to its promises.

Pazzo Italiano- meaning mad Italian- is the concept and phrase for the restaurant which describes the stylish Italian inspired decor and Italian food with a twist. It is set to cater for everyone, from the fast paced Sandton lifestyle, that is; people rushing to head back to the office, to a leisurely dinner or lunch with a friend. Saint’s menu includes quick and easy meals which are prepared with the appetising taste and great presentation as those sitting in for a business luncheon or catch up lunch and dinner dates. The space seats approximately 230 people and also features a large bar and balcony area. Saint can be found in Sandton’s trendy new shopping precinct, The MARC.

Image source: The Marc

With competition becoming increasingly tough as more unique and luxurious restaurants are being opened and built in Johannesburg, more specifically in the Sandton area, Saint is definitely one to check out and we firmly believe it’ll be a leader in the restaurant industry with its distinctive offering. We had the great honour of watching Saint raise from the proverbial ashes - which was cement dust- into a trendy, elegant, advanced restaurant. Ahead of the VIP Launch on the 8th of August, 2018 we visited Saint two days before the launch and again on the day to capture the progress and it was evident there was still a great deal to be done and chatting to David, he didn’t seem at all frantic as one would imagine. He was cool, calm and collected and one could tell that he had complete faith in his team. Evidently, this faith was not unwarranted, because from the picture you see to the right and below, came the truly breathtaking aesthetics you see lower down. This was the incredible sight we were greeted by upon arrival at the launch and it was where we got to enjoy the delicious food and drinks that Saint is changing the restaurant game with.

The genius of Saint lies in the fact that one can see just how seriously they take into account thee detail. They sent their chefs to Milan to go back to the root of the art of pizza; where they learned how to make pizza in the most traditional and authentic way, to how their barmen and ladies were given Italian inspired outfits to wear. One can’t help but appreciate their eye for the décor they chose and signed off on and how meticulous they were with every aspect of Saint. A first that we’ve seen in any restaurant, and one of the reasons we believe Saint will definitely be a leader in the restaurant game, is the 4D projectors that create the gorgeous roof art (that changes almost every hour) that can be seen in the picture above.

We had to take out our phone every time it changed because every image was as artistic as the last. The roof art truly gives you that Italian feel and especially up close; it is super pleasing to the eye. You can’t help but love their pizza and every person that’s had a chance to enjoy Saint’s dishes has spoken nothing but excellence of them. This, of course, is no surprise and we’re ready to try every dish on their diverse and exciting menu. For all you wine lovers, their wine cellar is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is also only the best wine from around SA and the lovely lady who oversees which wines are served by the restaurant studied wine. Their wine is decanted and it is some of the best wine we’ve had in a very long time.

Every person that has come together to make Saint the great restaurant we see right now is more than well-versed in their respective field. It’s a winning team, with a winning formula and that’s why they offer Johannesburg a winning experience. Fire is at the heart of their kitchen and they’re truly setting fire to the heart of Sandton. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things it is still going to continue to offer our city and it is the place to check out in Johannesburg right now.

Image source: inyourpocket

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