Would you consider renting out your house during the December period?

854 days ago

The joy of living in the beautiful mother city is that, during the festive season many of our friends and families will come to Cape Town to enjoy the December holidays. Cape Town is very attractive when it comes to both domestic and international tourists. There are a number of people who consider putting their homes on Airbnb for that defined period.

Africa spoke to Lebohang Mgolodela who is a Realtor and Head of Offers Desk at PropertyFox on the Weekend Breakfast about the things you need to be mindful of when making that decision.

At Property Fox we have noticed a trend of buy to rent options being utilised as a popular investment strategy.

Lebohang Mgolodela - Realtor

When one buys property, they need to make sure that the building allows for short term rentals, most specifically that you are able to use companies like Airbnb. Some buildings might restrict the use of Airbnb for security reasons.

Lebohang Mgolodela - Realtor

Mgolodela told Africa that it is important to have the agreement in a form of writing and make sure that you know who is renting your property or at least you have done some background check on the person.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Would you consider renting out your house during the December period?



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