The 947 Breakfast Club reveal the top 5 reasons people leave their jobs

181 days ago

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Other than your boss and/or your salary; why else would you leave a job?

62% of people are unhappy at work, so the 947 Breakfast Club chatted to Kelly & Quest Recruitment Agency to find why this and the reasons why they leave their jobs.

The team also asked listeners for their reasons, too.

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Top 5 reasons people leave their jobs

1. The need for having meaning or purpose

People are in pursuit of adding value and making a contribution to their workplace. Finding enjoyment in their work is really important.

2. Moving for a better promotion

Is there room for growth? People might find that that they're never going to climb up the ladder so they actively pursue new opportunities.

4. Having access to education

People want companies to invest in tem. A company should encourage people to study and should pay for it.

5. Having a work-life balance

The need for working in flexible conditions is ever-growing and it has become a popular reason for people to leave their job.

6. Not getting respect or recognition from your leadership

Being acknowledged by your boss is important because it allows people to feel appreciated; and it motivates them to work harder. It's also an acknowledgement that they're moving in the right direction as an employee.

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At a previous employer I hated when office politics get personal.

Mashudu, 947 Breakfast Club caller

I'm a teacher at a nursery school and I left my previous job because of the parents. I would continuously receive complaints from parents at 11pm, wanting to know what happened to their child's knee, etc. If you're sleeping and don't reply they get really upset.

Shenique, 947 Breakfast Club caller

In this case, school management should be protecting the teacher.

Shenique says that an acceptable cut-off time is 6pm.

I'm currently working in a house that is falling apart and it's a safety hazard. Te house is on a hill and so the house is on a descent.

Anonymous, 947 Breakfast Club caller

The routine of my job. I work at a call centre.

Anonymous, 947 Breakfast Club listener

I hate the people I work with.They're continuously gossipping and putting people down.

947 Breakfast Club listener

The pressure. There's a lot of pressure and really long hours in my line of work.

947 Breakfast Club listener

The toilets.

947 Breakfast Club listener

I think colleagues are the worst. People can drive you crazy.

947 Breakfast Club listener

For me, it's a lazy co-worker who is not going to pull his/her weight.

947 Breakfast Club listener

Sometimes you do your job so well that you end up having to do everybody else's job, too.

947 Breakfast Club listener

I hate the decor inside. It's disgusting. It's terrible and it's depressing..It reminds me of a psychiatric ward in a hospital.

947 Breakfast Club listener

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