Do you think you're weird? Here are some benchmarks.

198 days ago

Do you do something that people might consider weird?

So, apparently Greg is weird for only having one pair of formal shoes.

Is Lucky weird for using a fork with his right hand and a knife with his left?

Mmasea is definitely weird for thinking that her shin is going to snap every time she runs.

Here's what listeners had to say.

I literally always find myself talking to myself... and then answering myself.

Greg & Lucky Drive Show Caller

I love chocolate spread on bread with lettuce, ham and cream cheese.

Amy, Greg & Lucky Drive Show Caller

I can't fall asleep if my feet are cold, so I warm them up in the wash basin.

Greg & Lucky Drive Show listener

Everytime I go out to the shops I have to buy a new Playstation game. I have over 50 games but only play like 2.

Greg, Greg & Lucky Drive Show Caller


Am I weird because I watch pimple popping videos?

Thando, Greg & Lucky Drive Show Caller

What are some of the things you do that you consider weird?

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