Find out why Mmasea has to wear Crocs for a whole week

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Post Malone's Crocs range

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When Post Malone teamed up with Crocs, a lot of people were confused. Regardless, Posty went through with it and, as a result, his range sold out in a day.

The Greg & Lucky Drive Show team chatted about it... and it resulted in Mmasea having to wear Crocs for a whole week.

Here's how it all happened...

Here's are some fan reactions to Post Malone's Crocs range...

Back to our discussion...

So, the team also chatted to the 947 Crew's Sibo, who once worked as a Sales Assistant at a Crocs store.

She managed to sell around 100 pairs of Crocs a month, which completely surprised the team.

Greg wanted to find out just how much Joburgers like wearing Crocs and asked Croc advocates to send through voice notes. If he managed to get 20 voice notes from Croc advocates, Mmasea would have to wear a pair for a whole week.

If you know Mmasea then you'll know just how much of a fashionista she is... so this would be devastating to her - sh she so clearly stated in the audio below.

The response was staggering, with a lot more that 20 people responding to Greg's request.

Which brought us here...

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Day 2

It looks like Mmasea is sticking to the bet of having to wear Crocs for a whole week... Will she keep it up?

Keep following us until next week Tuesday to find out!

Listen to the podcast below...

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