Green flags to look out for when deciding on whether to date someone or not

211 days ago

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So, you've met this guy/girl and you're sensing some sort of connection between the two of you...

One problem though.

You're not sure if they're the real deal.

So, what do you do?

According to the 947 Breakfast Club and our fellow Joburgers, these are the green flags that will help convince you to make them your boyfriend/girlfriend.

If we go for dinner and if you take my parking ticket and pay for my parking ticket. That's a green flag for me.

Anele, 947 Breakfast Club

  • if he opens the door for you all the time
  • getting to a date early so that I can pull your chair out for you
  • good conversation is a must
  • it's not just what you're wearing, but how you wear it

On my first date, the guy that i was seeing called me to say that there's a light at the back of your car that's not working, so can I come and fix it? So, I said sure. come to my house and help sort it out. He would notice certain things in the house that were broken and would fix everything for me. We recently just got married.

Becky with the good hair, 947 Breakfast Club caller

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* If he's dropping Harry Potter references, I'm in - no questions asked.

947 Breakfast Club caller

Any man that wears a good cologne and you get this whiff of beautiful manly spells.

947 Breakfast Club caller

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Listen to some of the other green flags to look out for. and download the podcast to keep in your arsenal when you're on that next date.

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