Motherly Perspectives: Do your children know their rights?

150 days ago

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20 November marks Universal Children’s Day. It’s an important observance on the UN calendar that marks adoption of the Declaration and Convention of the Rights of Children by the UN General Assembly. Each year this date is celebrated around the world with the aim of raising awareness and creating togetherness.

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The initiative got me thinking. Does my child know his rights? Does he understand what ‘rights’ are? How would I even begin to explain the concept to him?

Digging around on the internet, I found two useful resources. The first is a very basic, animated video which I’d think is suitable for 5 – 10-year olds.

The second is a bit more grown up, although it’s written in a childlike tone. I’d say it’s probably more suited to kids over the age of 12 -years old.

Take a look at it right here.

My almost 5-year old thought this was very interesting. It provided me with a good opportunity to talk about how lucky he is to have all his basic rights met (and then some!) and how other kids his age sometimes aren’t as fortunate.

I think I may have become a bit overzealous when I tried to get him to help me sign the petition to call upon world leaders to acknowledge the rights of all children because by then his concentration span had run out. I lost him around the word ‘petition’; he wasn’t going to sit through any further explaining. However, if you and yours wish to join in on the action, sign said petition here and watch Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown, in the official campaign video (keep an eye out for some A-list cameos too).

You can also follow the conversation on social media via the hashtag #GoBlue.

Oh, and by signing the petition, your name and country will be recorded and handed to world leaders on Universal Children’s Day 2019. It may be a small gesture but it’s something we can all do to get involved.

Meagan is a Joburg mom of two, who loves her hubby, kids and is passionate about equality.

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