What are the worst pick-up lines ever? Here are a few!

183 days ago

Have you ever used a terrible pick-up line? You know, the one that still makes you shiver?

Have you ever had a horrible pick-up line used on you?

What about a terrible pick-up line that actually worked on you?

Mmasea had a pretty strange one thrown her way.

So, Jesus spoke to me and said that we were going to be together.


Here's a list of the worst pick-up lines...

I had a guy once walk up to me in a bar, finish my drink and offer to buy me a drink.

Greg & Lucky caller

A guy once walked up to me and said "Tequila Now!" It worked because I was a tequila girl and now we're still together.

Greg & Lucky caller

Would you like to sleep? M too, so we should totally do it together some time.

Greg & Lucky caller

This one is an absolute shocker!

You know what's on the menu? She said she doesn't know what's on the menu, so I said it's me and you... because it's ME and NU.

Greg & Lucky caller

What's the worst pick-up line you've ever heard? And did it actually work on you?

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