When your family doesn't know something really extreme about you...

243 days ago

There are some things that you just can't ever tell your family.

Sometimes, it's because they might not understand or you just want to keep some things to yourself.

Greg & Lucky asked listeners to get involved and there were some really interesting responses that came through.

So, my family still doesn't know that my Blesser is the one that actually paid off my student loan. They still think that I was working part-time to take care of it.

Greg & Lucky caller

My parents still don't know that I'm a homosexual.

Greg & Lucky caller

I've been married for ten years and my husband doesn't know that I smoke.

Greg & Lucky caller

My family still doesn't know that I'm bisexual.


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You really have to listen to the full audio and the full Anonymous link. He has to hide the fact that he is bisexual because there are kids in the car.

Listen to the audio below...

Is there something that your family doesn't know about you?

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