Are you brand loyal or are you just lazy to switch brands?

178 days ago

When's the last time you decided to change a particular brand of product that you've been using for years?

Why did you change?

Parents are generally brand loyal because they grew up using a specific thing.

We loved the old stork ad, so we tried to get my mom to change from Rama to stork but she refused.


My mom used to buy the original Sunlight. There were so many alternatives but we would eat dry bread before my mom changed Sunlight for the dishes.


I refuse to try any other purple Stasoft!


My mom is loyal to Tupperware.


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Which brand are you loyal to?

Here's what listeners had to say...

Dishwashing liquid: Sunlight liquid. Coffee: Nescafe, Jacobs, Douwe Egbert Pet food: BobCat, Whiskas Fish: Tetra fish food No fizzy NO NAME brand drinks

Tina, 947 Breakfast Club caller

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Wrapping product (for vehicles): 3M

Vaughn, 947 Breakfast Club caller

All gold tomato sauce and Mrs Balls chutney! I'll never buy anything else... EVER!

947 Breakfast Club caller

Nobody makes better tea than you and Five Roses!

947 Breakfast Club caller

I've been a Samsung user since high school and I will never change. My whole family use iPhones, but I will never change.

947 Breakfast Club caller

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