That one time when Jess took a photo with a random and thought it was Greg...

166 days ago

It's a case of mistaken identity and it's hilarious.

Sometimes a listener might not know what their favourite presenter looks like, which makes them vulnerable to impersonators.

When Jess saw a guy she thought was Greg at the 2018 Discovery 947 Rhythm Run, she wanted to take a photo with him.

"Greg" was more than happy to do that.

I asked him if he was Greg and if I could take a photo with him. He said yes and we took the pic.


One problem... it wasn't Greg.

So, it got a bit awkward when Greg saw this message pop up in his Twitter mentions...

The team thought it would be hilarious to invite Jess to the studio to hang out with them, but they had a little plan for her.

If she doesn't know what Greg looks like, maybe she wouldn't know what Lucky looks like?

So, they asked Lucky to hide under the desk and had Jacob pretend to be Lucky... and she fell for it! (video below)

Watch the video from Lucky's perspective, as he hid under the desk when she came into studio.

Listen to the whole on-air moment and download the podcast...

Jess finally got her photo with Greg and the rest of the Greg and Lucky team!

AND, she managed to score two tickets to the Global Citizen: Mandela 100 festival.

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