What to do if you've been fined for expired driving licence due to strike

167 days ago

Workers who produce driving licence cards have returned to work after being on strike since July. The strike has now ended but the effects are still being felt.

Production of about 45 000 cards a month had ground to a halt.

A labour dispute led to the nationwide backlog in the issuing of driving licence cards, with some motorists having waited up to four months.

In October, the Department of Transport advised all those waiting for their new driving licences to get a temporary licence.

Some motorists are however fearful of festive season roadblocks, as they continue to drive without licences due to the severe backlog.

702 listener, Nathan says he was stopped and fined by traffic officers despite having proof that he has applied for a licence renewal.

Joanne Joseph spoke to criminal lawyer Ulrich Roux to find out what you can do if you are stopped or fined for carrying an expired licence.

In my opinion, they are not allowed to issue a fine against him for the mere fact that him not being issued with a new licence is no fault of his own and there is no intention on his behalf not to comply.

Ulrich Roux, criminal lawyer

What I would suggest is that he writes written representations to the traffic department and say that he has proof that he applied for his licence, it is a result of the department that his licencse has not been issued.

Ulrich Roux, criminal lawyer

As long as you can show proof that you have applied for it.

Ulrich Roux, criminal lawyer

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This article first appeared on 702 : What to do if you've been fined for expired driving licence due to strike



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