Things a plus-1 should never do when invited to an event

187 days ago

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Anele gets invited to a lot of events... Has she ever been a plus-1 to an event?

Anele once got invited to a party as his plus-1 and he asked her to behave. When she got to the event, she saw the secret service, covering a house with Robert De Niro, Martha Stewart, Aaron Sorkin and Jamie Foxx.

Immediately, she knew how to behave. She ate what she was offered, she drank what was offered and stayed in her lane.

But, not everyone is like Anele.

A plus-1 can make or break your entire existence.


So, the 947 Breakfast Club put together a rulebook for plus-1's.

If you're invited by a friend to an event, you must:

  • behave yourself
  • do not embarrass your friend
  • do not make out with any of their friends
  • dress up and look nice
  • buy them a drink
  • make your friend shine, be an amazing wingperson
  • not dress inappropriately
  • not get drunk and misbehave

I was once invited to a party, only to find out that I was the side-chick to the person who invited me.

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